Safer Sports is a Reality

The Victorian Branch of the Sports Medicine Australia organization, with the support and help of the government of Victoria has developed an online system that could have a great effect on the well being of players in Victoria. This new system is the Sports Injury Tracker, which will help make sports like soccer much safer.

safer sports2The Sports Injury Tracker

This tracker is an online system that will enable community sports to store, analyze and record all types of injuries that happen in their sport. This new system can be used by all of those who are involved in community sports throughout the Australian state of Victoria. The best thing about it is that it can be used completely free as the main purpose of it is to make a safer sports reality and not profit.

The Sports Injury Tracker is basically based on the standard injury recording form of sports which records every detail about every injury. This includes the injured body part, the way the injury happened, the type of the injury, the location of the industry, where the person who was injured was referred, and the treatment that was administrated to the injured person. All of this will be recorded and it will allow the community sports users to do the follow things through the online system:

  • They will be able to streamline the collected data, the analysis and to reduce the amount of paper work
  • Identify the occurring injuries
  • Plan and assess key issues that can cause some risk factors
  • Improve system administration and data entry
  • It will enable stakeholders to use and access the data
  • It will provide a greater sports injury data to the sporting groups of the Victorian community

On a state level, the system will be able to provide more accurate info regarding the sports injury trends that happen to those who are involved in the community sports in the state of Victoria. This will allow Smartplay to give them more accurate and targeted advice on how to prevent such injuries as well as managing the risk.

safer sports1According to the Executive Officer of the Victorian Branch of Medicine Australia, Ms Lynne Sheehan, to their knowledge, Sports Injury Tracker is the first system of its kind around the world that gives personnel from the community sports world the ability to analyze and record all of the suffered injuries online. She also added that this great initiative directly addresses the rightful concerns regarding other and older injury surveillance systems that only recorded, stored and analyzed the injuries that were treated in hospitals, which is just a small fraction of the injuries that occur on a daily basis among athletes.

This system can also be available to community sports personnel who are not located in Victoria but they will have to contact the Victorian Branch of the Sports Medicine Australia organization so an interstate interest can be gauged because it is only free of charge for those who live in Victoria.