Sports Advice

sports adviceSoccer, or football, is a very fun and a competitive game. It is in fact, one of the most played ball sports around the world. If you wish to know how to play the game, you will have to understand the basics and learn the essential skills needed. These basics include the following:

Learning how to dribble the ball:

This is one of the very basic skills needed.  Learning how to dribble will help to control the ball with your feet while you are running. If you want your team to have the possessions of the ball, you will have to know how to dribble and run with the ball. It is all about touching it strong enough to keep it going forward but light enough so the ball does not go far away from you and to the feet of the opponent.

Learn how to pass the ball:

After you learn how to dribble, you will have to know how to pass the ball because you can’t just keep running with the ball the entire match, you will have to pass it to your team members. In order to do that, you will kick the ball with the inside part of your foot. This will give you more accuracy but less power.  You will have to have eye contact with the team member you want to pass to so you can target the ball to his position so it does not get cut off by a player from the other team.

Learning how to shoot:

When you are close to the goal of the opposite team, you will want to shoot the ball in order to score a goal. What you need is accuracy and power. This is why you can shoot with the sweet spot of the inside of the shoe, like the pass. You have to be close to the goal to do that as this gives you accuracy but less power. On the other hand, if you are far away from the goal, you will need power, so you will have to use the front of your shoe to shoot.

Defending is essential:

Of course, the ball will not be with your team the entire time, even if you have the upper hand. This is why when the other team starts to attack, you will have to defend your goal. You will have to learn how to guard a player without causing a foul because a foul that is close to the goal can make your team lose. Defending is not only about cutting the ball from players but by predicting where the ball will go so you can intercept it and launch a counter attack.

sports advice2Using the non-dominant foot:

Shooting and passing with your dominant foot will be more accurate and more powerful than the other foot. This is why you should use it at all times but in some conditions, you might find yourself in a position where you have to use the non-dominant foot. So you have to practice with it so you can use it when needed.