Sports Medicine

sports medicineCPR

CPR is an abbreviation for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It is an emergency procedure that is performed manually in order to preserve intact functions of the brain until other measures are taken in order to restore the spontaneous and natural circulation of blood and breathing for an athlete who is in cardiac arrest. This is one of the most important procedures that can save the life of an athlete on the playing field.

This procedure includes chest compressions at a rate of 100 compressions per minute and the rescuer might need to provide breaths to the victim by exhaling into his or her mouth or by using a device that pumps air into the lungs.

Sports Taping

Sports Taping is a form of strapping where a specially designed tape is used and it is attached to the athlete’s skin. This tape is used in order to keep the bones or the muscles of the patient in a certain wanted position. This will lead to the reduction of pain and will help with the recovery of the injury.

Taping can also be used in order to support the capsules and the ligaments of any unstable body joints by limiting abnormal anatomical or excessive movement. Lastly, Sports Tapes can also be used to proprioceptive feedback from a joint or a limb. Sports taping is being widely used in Australia.

sports medicine2Massage

The massage that is dedicated to sports injuries is called “Therapeutic sports massage”. It is a massage technique that mainly focuses on the treatment of injuries, pain and soft tissue aches that are linked with sporting activities. Therapeutic sports massage can in fact reduce the stiffness of the muscles and it can also improve muscle relaxation through the reduction of blood pressure and the heart rate.

The massage involves the applying of mechanical pressure on the aching soft tissues of the athlete. This has been proven to improve the flexibility of the muscle, the decreasing of the muscle stiffness and increasing the motion range in the different joints. This is why massage has become one of the most common sports medicine used in Australia and around the world.


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the airway. It is known for its recurring and variable symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing.

There are two medicines that are used to medicate Asthma, there is a quick relief medicine which is used to treat the acute and recurring symptoms, and there is the long term medications that are used to eliminate any further exacerbation of the disease.

Wound Care

Wound care is an important part of sports medicine because at many occasions, players might fall and cut themselves and this opened wound will have to be taken care of. Some wounds can be taken care of on the spot such as the small and the superficial wounds. They are treated by the usage of solution to clean the wound before using bandages. As for the dangerous wounds that are deep, they have to be treated at hospitals.